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Published onFeb 23, 2021

This author is grateful to the staffs at MIT Libraries; Columbia University Libraries; Harvard Library; the Scoville Memorial Library in Salisbury, Connecticut; HathiTrust; and the Internet Archive. Special thanks to, at MIT, Anant Agarwal, Catherine Ahearn, Chris Bourg, Amy Brand, Steve Carson, Cecilia D’Oliviera, Larry Gallagher, Clayton Hainsworth, SJ Klein, Shigeru Miyagawa, Curt Newton, Krisha Rajagopal, Sanjay Sarma, Sarah Schwettman, Tom “T-Money” Smith, the book’s inspiration Richard M. Stallman, Ece Turnator, Eric von Hippel, and all the members of our Open 2020 Working Group; at the Hewlett Foundation, Raquel Abdala, TJ Bliss, Cathy Casserly, Angela DeBarger, Larry Kramer, Kent McGuire, Mike Smith, and Vic Vuchic; at Sound & Vision, Johan Oomen, Rachel Somers Miles, Marius Snyders, and Erwin Verbruggen; at Europeana, Harry Verwayen; at JISC, Stuart Dempster and Catherine Grout; at the Lakeville Journal, Cynthia Hochswender and Janet Manko; at the Hotchkiss School, Steve McKibben; and, for their encouragement and additional support, Henry Adams, James H. Billington, Jonah Bossewitch, my close associate Ellen Bratina, Ian M. Cuthbertson, Alexandra Elbakyan, Eric Foner, Paul Gerhardt, Al Gottesman, Eddie Griffith, Vladimir Grigoriev, Eddie Harris, Michael Jensen, Colette Kaufman, Eric Kaufman, Alice Kessler-Harris, Naum Kleiman, John Koch, Paul Lawrence, Richard Lourie, Roger Macdonald, Mike Mashon, Les McCann, Yehud Menuhin, Frank Moretti, Ben Moskowitz, Jim Neal, Roy Rosenzweig, Ben Shapiro, Joan Shigekawa, Elisabeth Sifton, Peter Suber, Loic Tallon, Bettina Teich, Doug Teich, Roger Teich, Jeff Ubois, John Unsworth, and Gleb Uspensky.

Jan Mitchell, Ira D. and Miriam Wallach, George Soros, and Lorne Michaels supported me as I started to bring these thoughts together. I tried out not a few on Lawrence K. Grossman, Edward Kasinec, and Newton N. Minow along the way. I am grateful to Charlie and Fern Nesson and Pam Samuelson for hearing me out on some of these ideas, and to Charlie and Fern especially for the whiskey in the pool.

I wrote this book for all of these people, and for everyone else. I put some extra oomph into it for Eric Adrien Mitchell, who would have liked it; Carter Cooper, who would have challenged it; Alex Singer, who fought for many of the goals it promotes; and Henry Kaufman: I miss you every day. I wrote it for our strongest fighters: Sophia Kaufman and Charlie Kaufman, and for their mother, Ellen Bratina, all of whom I love. I have always loved you, from the first.

At Seven Stories, my friend, reader, and editor Dan Simon made a home for this book, and he made it better. His colleagues Lauren Hooker, Ruth Weiner, Stewart Cauley, Jon Gilbert, Claire Kelley, Molly Lindley Pisani, Shayan Saalabi, and Eva Sotomayor, handled this work with attention and grace. Everyone should have such a publisher.

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